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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Seasons Geetings

Hey guys and gals,

We just wanted to thank the following families for thinking of Camp Caribou during this holiday season!!! The Kaufman's (Mitch & Brad), The Emerman's (Daniel & Sam), The Smaruk's (Ben), The Shapiro's (Charlie), The Tujillo's (Bobby T.), Sophie Brown, The Scherman's (Henry), The Holsbergen's (Bart), The Loveman's (Billy), The Dow's (Parker), The Vazquez's (Eli), The Sherman's (Nathan), The Scari's (Cam), The Carlton's (Beth & Andy), The Kaplan's (Noah), The Jacks' (David Jack... BOU YAH), The Fischman's (TK & Jake), The Kessler's (Jackson), The Lisberger's (Theo), The Clark's (Jesse), The Weymouth's, Mick Strand, The Noel's (Gisani), The Martin's (Nathan & Justin), and the Wolfson's (Henry & Joseph).

Thank you again and Happy New Year to all!!!!!!

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