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Friday, January 7, 2011


OHHHHHHH..... The weekend is here and what week it has been. Well first of all, J-Rob and Miles Canning signed on for this summer. BOOMTASTIC!!!!! Can't wait to have those guys back on the peninsula. As for us in the Caribou Headquarters, Bill & Martha are currently down in Florida visiting loads of people: Al, Evelyn, and Jesse Clarke and his family, just to name a few. Should be an awesome trip and hopefully great weather. As for Rotman and Lori, they are holding down the fort and keeping things real.

Quick camper note: Max Feldstein-Nixon is absolutely tearing up the Sunday River Slopes, and really getting into freestyle boarding!!! Pull a couple 1080's for the 'Bou Max!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone. Keep in touch.. I'm off to Ben Stoloff's basketball game.

Hey - how about this new slogan "Defend the 'Bou" AHHHHHHHHH.. Let's Go, Summer 2011

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  1. love the slogen, bball pick up boston banner