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Friday, March 4, 2011

Caribou Is On The Go

Caribou get your game face on, cause this weekend is about to jump off!!! We hope everyone is doing well and gettin' geared up for the spring season. I mean there is a couple days left of winter, and just enough time to hit the slopes, but you can certainly feel the good weather right around the corner.

YOOO. check the photo of the legend himself MILES BACKER swimmin' like a fish. Michael Phelps WATCH OUT. Backer is currently wrapping up his swimming season and overly pumped for the summer!!!

Big things going on tomorrow at Temple Beth Shalom... Alex Cohen is becoming a Bar Mitzvah. Good luck brotha!!! It's going to be BONKERS!!!

All is well at the Caribou Headquarters... Jerry just got back from an awesome trip in Spain... and things are starting to heat up with the Alumni Reunion as the schedule is about to be released...STAY TUNED.

Have an amazing weekend and Keep in touch!!!


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