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Friday, February 18, 2011

Big Staff News!!!!

OH IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!! What up Caribou Nation, we've got some big news on the staff front, and, YES, this is outrageous. KICK THE TIRES AND LIGHT THE FIRES.. Mark William Pracy is gettin' his Slice of Heaven in 2011!!!!! After a one summer hiatus, Pracy is back and working on the ski staff. And the BIG news doesn't stop there... I KNOW, this is getting ridiculous!!! Anthony Bonaddio is back for more and is holding nothin' back this summer. Welcome back brothah!!!

In other staff / Alumni news: Charlie Rotman, Brad Gelfand, and Adam Werther, all University of Michigan students, are in the final four for their intramural basketball tournament. GUYS... GO HARD...SHOW THE MIDWEST WHAT THE BOU IS ALL ABOUT... AND TAKE IT TO THE HOUSE!!!!

Caribou.. have a great weekend... Keep in touch, and let us know if you have any upcoming sporting events, we would love to try and make it!!!

By the way camp is only 126 days away.


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