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Friday, April 29, 2011

Caribou Going International

WHAT UPPPPPPPPPPPP guys and gals of Caribou Nation!!!! Here in Wayland, MA the skies are blue, the grass is green, the daffodils are blooming, and the sun is shinning!!!!! WHOA... I think it's safe to say that spring is in full gear and summer is fast approaching.  YOOO, quick side note, we're 56 days away from being back on the peninsula, and before you know it we will be enjoying Sue's food, swimming in Pattees Pond, and enjoying a slice of heaven in 2011!!!

Camper Update: Exciting news over in Hong Kong.  Cole Cutlip's  baseball team, the  "Tai Tam Hawks",  just won the Hong Kong Little League Challenge Cup.  Cutlip hit 2 doubles and was the winning pitcher in the championship game!!  The Tai Tam Baseball Club put an "All Star" team together to compete in the Challenge Cup as the Tai Tam "Hawks". Cole started at 3rd base and ended up pitching the last 2.5 innings of an exciting come from behind win in the championship game!  We're all real proud of Cole, WAY TO REPRESENT THE BOU!!!

Quick Reminder:  We just wanted invite everyone down to our Car Wash Fundraiser.  Camp Caribou is supporting the Children of Japan this Sunday May 1st at Liberty Pizza in Wayland, MA from 1-3pm.  Lets wash some cars and support those in need.

Hey, if you guys have any special events coming in the next week (sports games, plays, etc.) we would love come out and cheer you on.

Have a great rest of the school year, keep in touch, and see you at the Bou real soon!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Things are getting real HYPED up!!!!!

Caribou Nation... UMMMMM it's April 25th and we're now 60 days away from gettin' back on the peninsula. WHOA, LET'S GET IT!!!!!! Before we start blogging hard,  we hope that everyone had a great Easter and Happy Passover.  The Caribou headquarters is in full gear and clicking on all cylinders. This Sunday, May 1st, please join the Caribou Family for a fund raising car wash at Liberty Pizza in Wayland, MA from 1-3pm to support the "Save the Children - Japan".  It's going to be a great event for a great cause.

This past week, some big time traveling was done all around North America.  Martha and Lori went down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and met up with Bobby L. and Mark Pracy.  There... some big boy names got together and had an absolute unreal time:  Jorge Pelayo, Nino, Martin Parra, Jerry Lopez, Rafa, Sergio, Polo Torres, and Felipe Reyes. It was an amazing trip, filled with great weather and good times with friends and family.

Bill, Jerry and Mike Day the camp plumber plus 15 other canoeing enthusiasts, ventured on an 8 day white water canoe trip on the San Juan river in Moab, Utah.  The weather was gorgeous, the red rock canyons were absolutely breath taking, and the class 2 and 3 white water was EXHILARATING.  They paddled 110 miles down the river while observing big horn sheep, mule deer, peregrine falcons, osprey, and golden eagles.  The camp sites along the river offered lots of shelter in amongst the salt cedar trees.  The menu was outstanding highlighted by beef tenderloin over the grille, baked salmon, and homemade meatballs.  Keep this trip in mind for next year, as we are certain that entire families would love the experience!!!

Rotman and Fischer recently went on a 3995 mile road trip around the southeastern part of the US.  The trip encompassed camping in the George Washington National Forrest and Talladega National Forrest,  solid country music in Nashville, TN, brass bands and Jambalaya in New Orleans, and a quick visit to Annapolis, MD to check out Levin-Ep's new digs.  What an outstanding trip, awesome to be on the open road, and great to see Levin-Ep and Weinstein on the tail end of the trip. 

Camp News... ICE OUT was wicked late, this year. April 13th was when the pond flipped.  Frankie has been busy setting up the water lines, clearing all the brush, and lots more spring clean up.  Bill, Bobby, Rafa, Frank Picone, Transporter, Al Harding, Kirsty, will all be arriving in early May to form the traditional Bull Crew

We hope your having a fabulous end of the school year... can't wait to see you at the BOU

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Summer is Coming!!!!

Caribou Nation.... WHAT'S GOOD!!! It's good to be here... As you know the Caribou Social Media world took a hit, but nothing ain't holding us down.  We're back and better than ever. 

The snow has melted, the skies are clearing, and before you know we will be up at the 'Bou tearing things up.  Bill, Martha, Lori, and Rotman have been doing big things at the Caribou Headquarters, and actually gearing up to make the move up to Maine real soon.  Up at camp, Frankie reports, the grass is turning green, the lake is starting to take its mid-summer form, and he is taking archery lessons.  Be ready to see Frank pull a Robin Hood this summer.  No, he won't be wearing green tights and have a feather in his hat, but the guy can hit the bulls-eye!!! 

Upcoming Events... Caribou is supporting the Children of Japan as they recover from the tragic earthquake of a couple weeks ago.  Please join Bill, Martha, Lori, Jerry, and Rotman on May 1st at Liberty Pizza in Wayland, MA to wash some cars and support the Save the Children-Japan

We hope all is well.  Keep in touch... 71 days until camp!!! BOOM